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Heavenly Coffees saw the light of day when Francois Dreyer (The Boss Man) visited Italy and tasted “real” coffee for the first time. He was blown away by these crazy Italians who all have espresso machines in their offices. The awesomeness of the freshly made espressos with their thick cremas and incredible flavour was just too much for Francois. He had to have his own.

Back in the land of stale coffee, corrupt police and rotten politicians, our newly converted coffee disciple went off in search of an honest and affordable espresso machine. Turns out it is a lot easier to find an honest espresso maker than an honest politician. Similar to an encounter with one of our officials in blue, it does set you back a few hard-earned pennies!

Armed with a with some hard earned cash, our intrepid disciple set off to collect said espresso machine and came back with a Saeco Machine Cappucino. (Trusty old fellow is still slogging away in the kitchen after nearly ten years!)

Not satisfied with being able to make his own espressos, our disciple who by now turned into a bit of a coffee nut, decided coffee beans purchased from the local supermarket was no longer good enough. He simply had to roast his own beans. A Genie Cafe roaster all the way from Taiwan came to the rescue and our coffee nut was now roasting his own coffee.

It was not long before the desire to have a serious professional espresso machine started gnawing inside our intrepid coffee nut’s gut. Forever in search of Coffee Nirvana, the search started. The Junkmail turned into an important ally in the quest to find the ultimate piece but alas it was in the classifieds that an auction of a defunct eatery was spotted. Lurking in a dark and dingy kitchen with a Mazzer Jolly at his side was sitting a Carimali E2 which met all the requirements.

The auction started and our coffee nut turned into a predator prowling around waiting for the right moment to strike. After a brief but intense tussle our man walked away, (more like staggered away) with a Carimali Espresso and a Mazzer Jolly Grinder under the arm – sort of!

Alas, the quest continues! Now a real roaster is required! Too much money has been invested and we have to go commercial.

Many months and lots of cash later, our man takes delivery of a 1kg Toper CafeMino roaster all the way from Turkey.

We have a lift off! We are ready to go commercial! Well almost. A lot of studying and roasting later, Heavenly Coffees is officially launched and our intrepid coffee nut is now sharing his passion for great fresh coffee with the world!

Supplying the likes of VW/Audi, Toyota, Nissan & GM dealers as well as SPAR and a group of loyal followers with their daily supply of freshly roasted coffee.

Recently our resident coffee nut ran into a common problem called time. Roasting coffee in 1kg batches takes up plenty of very valuable time. As must be clear by now, our coffee nut is not one to waiver in front of a challenge and the decision was made, it is go big or go home! An order was placed for a new 6kg Genio Roaster. About 6 weeks later the Red Rooster, I mean Roaster arrived!

The Red monster arrives

Read more about the Genio Roaster and its manufacturing here


The Red Roaster

The Boss Man checking out his latest aquisition


The Red Monster Installed

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  1. I have to say after meeting you on 28th, i am still fascinated by your passion. Your venture is a success already, its goimg to grow even further. If you have clients that need barista training please contact me, cause im looking at training baristas on a part-time basis

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