We love coffee!

We love Coffee! We just can’t help it …

We have coffee pumping in our veins. Nothing brings us greater joy than seeing someone enjoying a cup of coffee, especially if it is our coffee. We create and craft blends to caress and delight the mouth and nose, taking you on a tasting journey across the globe experiencing Africa, South -America, and the far east. Under the careful eye of our roast master, Francois, pale green and funny smelling coffee beans are gradually transformed into beautiful, golden and dark brown little masterpieces of taste. Using extreme temperatures, lots of airflow, watching the dials and digital readouts with a hawks eye, stopwatch in hand, ears, eyes and nose finely tuned to the beans the transformation process is carefully managed. First the beans start smelling like grass…. yeah that’s right grass, the they start going  yellowish and color and the smell changes to that of something baking in the oven. Then the beans start becoming light brown and the at first slowly start cracking just before exploding into chaotic cracking and popping as the beans start to expand and release internal gasses. Then they start going quiet again whilst turning a beautiful golden brown only to once again starting their cracking and popping. This is as far as we normally would let the beans have their party before we open the roaster and dump the beans into the cooling tray where we cool them down as quickly as possible by stirring the beans whilst sucking air through them. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   Once we have crafted the green coffee into the most amazing coffee you can think off, we have to let these little fellows rest a few days to get rid of excessive gasses. Once their flatulence is under control we transfer them into their final packaging in which they are then sealed air tight before shipping of in a hurry to their new masters.

More ways to indulge in great coffee.

Apart from selling beans to enjoy anywhere we also specialise in providing coffee and state of the art equipment to brighten up your day at the office. Read more about this on our page Coffee Solutions for the Office.

Undercover Barista?

We would also love our customers to be able to prepare the best possible cup of coffee. It is actually quite easy if you follow some basic guidelines as explained on our page “Coffee rules to live and die by.” Proudly South-African:  Heavenly Coffees is a local, Gauteng based Micro Roaster. We are level 4 BBBEE compliant. Our coffees are all roasted on site in our South-African designed and manufactured Genio Mezzo Roaster. Our History: I (Francois Dreyer) founded Heavenly Coffees early in the year of 2012. After 21 years of slaving away in the corporate salt mines of the world I raised the white flag and ran for cover. It was a long road leading up to that milestone. Frustration with corporate life on the one side and a growing passion for coffee on the other lead me to that turning point. Whilst spending my days in the defence force I already had my one cup pour over gadget travelling with me on the borders of our country. (It was a little aluminium cup with a perforated bottom and it used a round paper filter similar to that used in the Aerobie press) In 2001 on business trip to Italy I met a new friend called espresso. Back on the southern tip of Africa I immediately set of on a quest to get my own espresso machine. I quickly became rather critical of most coffee available of the shelf. In those days small roasteries where very scarce.  In fact the only one I knew of was in the country was Masterton’s in Port-Elizabeth. I had to have better coffee! I had to do something. After an epic search I came across the newly launched Gene Cafe home roaster and quickly acquire my own. Life would never be the same again. I became a believer, overnight. The coffee bug now had me completely and totally. I found all sorts of reasons why I had to have a bigger and better roaster and a bigger and better espresso machine. The espresso machine came first in the form of a two group Carimali and Mazzer Super Jolly grinder bought at an auction.

My first serious espresso machine.
My first serious espresso machine.

A total overkill for household use but who cares!


In 2011 we bought our first real roaster, even if it was a very small one! It was ideal for testing and roast profile development as you could roast really small batches at a time.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA When we started selling coffee we however very quickly realised that we need something bigger than this baby! I was fortunate enough to have met a young man, who apart from being very smart is also extremely passionate about coffee. So passionate in fact that he built a coffee roaster for his final year project for his degree in engineering! This young man’s name is Neil Maree and he is now the proud owner of Genio Roasters, South-Africa’s first and one and only coffee roaster manufacturer. I met Neil at a now defunct group of coffee fanatics, “Barista Underground” and kept in touch with him. When his first Genio roasters came of the production line I was there to order mine. Here is our Genio going through the production process. Here the frame is receiving its first coat of powder coating. Roasterpic1 Roasterpic3 Here the frame has received its full red powder coating. Roasterpic4 Here is the complete Genio Roaster ready to rock and roll! P5050172 Contact us: