Coffee Equipment

  1. Hario:

Heavenly Coffees now sell a variety of irresistible coffee goodies. We have a large range of Hario items and other related accessories.


V60 Pour Overs РWe have the whole range from the Clear V60 -01 to the 03, and the red and white ceramics from R246.24 vor the white V60-01 to R409.26 for the Red v60-02.

Hario V60Hario V60 Clear dripperHario Dripper red



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The Buono Kettle is a must have to make a “real” pour over . The handle and the long thin spout gives you ultimate control over your pour. The 600 ml kettle sells for R790.00 and the 800 ml for R818.00

Hario Kettle





To add to these to essential items you need to get the original Hario Server(decanter). The decanter sell for  R325 for the 360 ml, R368 for the 600ml and R433 for the 800ml.

Hario decanter