Coffee Solutions for the Office

Refreshments are there to refresh not to cause stress! We offer hassle free affordable solutions for your hot beverage requirements for staff and customers alike. We can provide you with a solution that will fit your budget and demands. Starting with excellent quality filter machines that gives you fresh, hot coffee all day long or if you are a discerning coffee drinker, a state of the art Espresso/Cappuccino machine. If variety is your thing, or if you  do very high volumes we will supply you with a vending machine that can do anything from espressos made from freshly ground coffee beans to hot chocolate.

Filter Machines:

Bravilor Filter Machine We exclusively use filter machines that make coffee directly into a thermos flask. The Thermos keeps the coffee hot and fresh for hours unlike the typical hot plate machines where coffee becomes stale within 30  min’s. These machines are cost effective to run, easy to operate and requires minimal maintenance.

Cappuccino Machines:

Jura XS9 Large Bean We supply Jura  & WMF Espresso & Cappuccino machines for those wanting a first class Cappuccino or Espresso. The Jura is a Swiss Designed and Manufactured product and WMF is manufactured in Germany. We have machines that will can handle from 20-150 cups per day.


Coffee Vending Machines:

Bianchi Leisa

Our vending machine of preference is the Bianchi range of machines. For High volume applications we can supply the SandenVendo GCaffé machines. Tried and tested by ourselves, these machines are as reliable as they come. Easy to work with and to maintain, they provide a selection of beverage choices ranging from espressos to hot chocolates and can add sugar to your drinks if required. The only disadvantage of a vending machine is that they use powdered dairy creamer rather than fresh milk. The result of this is a cappuccino of lesser quality than that delivered by the cappuccino machines.   Vending machines are ideal for high volume areas where variety is more important than the quality of the cappuccino.  


1. Rental.

All our machines available on a rental option subject to approval.

The following are indications of the requirements for us to consider a machine rental:

  • Rentals are normally subject to a 3-year contract.(These Rentals are done through a third party and is subject to approval as well as the signing of a separate maintenance contract) Contracts with 30 day notice are available at a premium in some cases.
  • Typical coffee consumption should be around 1000 cups per month or 50 cups per day. (Based on 20 working days per month)
  • You do not have to invest capital into the equipment.
  • You can deduct the monthly rental for tax purposes.
  • You do not have any maintenance and repair costs.
  • You are only responsible for daily cleaning and filling of machines.
  • You have access to a loan machine if the machine breaks down (We have limited machines available but should be able to assist in 90% of cases with a similar machine – at the very least we will provide a filter machine as a loan unit)
  • When the time for replacement comes it is our problem and not yours!

2. Ownership.

You can purchase any of these machines directly from us and then choose to purchase all the consumables from us. Benefits.

  • No Monthly rental charge i.e. lower monthly cost.
  • The asset is yours to keep.
  • Freedom of choice with regards to coffee and consumable supplier.

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