Automatic Coffee Machines

Jura- World Class Technology in your home.

Jura Automatic coffee machines are regarded as one of the best automatic coffee machines available today. Some refer to it as the Rolex or Rolls-Royce of coffee machines. Built and designed in Switzerland the quality of these machines are outstanding and the coffee the produce even better. Here in South-Africa Jura has been around for many years and they are supported by aftersales operations in all the main centres in the country. Excellent spares availability combined with excellent aftersales service ensures that you are making a long term investment in coffee pleasure when you decide to purchase a Jura product.

Why should you buy your Jura from Heavenly Coffees?

There a few things that set us apart from most other retailers and online shops:

  • We are real coffee people – We do not sell other appliances, or millions of other products. Our Business is roasting and selling coffee and coffee related products. We know our business and our products and we do everything we can to make sure that when you buy something from us you come back again and again.
  • We are real people – You do not talk to some call centre guy or a floor salesman. Here you can talk to the owner directly.
  • Our advice is not given to make a quick sale – We advise you based on your needs and budget, even if that means we do not do the sale.

Currently available for Online Purchase on this site

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Jura E8 BlackJura X8 Proffessional