Jura Coffee Machines

Jura ENA Micro 1

The Micro one is the entry model in the Jura range but still delivers exceptional performance. With variable brewing chamber, height adjustable spout, built in water filter and self cleaning programs. It also has the facility to use pre-ground coffee. It can be pre-programmed for three different cup sizes and two coffee strengths. Jura_ena_micro1           Features:

  1. Variable brewing chamber from 6g to 10g
  2. Intelligent Pre Brew Brew Aroma System
  3. Energy Saving Mode
  4. Multi-Level Aroma+ grinder
  5. CLARIS Water filter
  6. Adjustable water hardness
  7. Zero Energy Switch
  8. Touch Screen technology
  9. Intelligent pre-heating
  10. Free country wide delivery
  11. Free on-site installation and training (Gauteng Only)
  12. 2kg of Heavenly Coffee coffee beans
  13. Price is R9576.00

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Jura A9 (New Product)

If space is tight and cappuccinos are your thing the Jura A9 is a great choice. Sleek and beautiful it will enhance any bedroom or kitchen with its looks and its coffee. With true One Touch operation you do not need any skill to produce superior cappuccinos and lattes. Now with touch screen technology and 12 pre-programmed drinks. Jura A9                 Features:

  1. Variable brewing chamber from 6g to 10g
  2. Intelligent Pre Brew Brew Aroma System
  3. Cappuccino Frother
  4. Energy Saving Mode
  5. Multi-Level Conical grinder
  6. CLARIS Water filter
  7. Adjustable water hardness
  8. Zero Energy Switch
  9. Touch Screen technology
  10. Intelligent pre-heating
  11. Free country wide delivery
  12. Free on-site installation and training (Gauteng Only)
  13. 5kg of Heavenly Coffee coffee beans
  14. Price R15390.00 VAT Incl.

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Jura F8 TFT

The Jura F8 TFT is the top selling machine for home and small office use. It has a colour TFT screen with rotary dial for easy drink selection. Fully programmable to make drinks according to your preferences. Jura F8           Features:

  1. Variable size brewing unit (5-16g)
  2. Built in water filter
  3. Adjustable water hardness
  4. Self cleaning and descaling programs
  5. Can use pre-ground coffee
  6. 1.9l water container
  7. 310g bean hopper
  8. National service network
  9. 10 000 cup warranty
  10. 5kg Coffee beans, free delivery (Countrywide), Free installation and training(Gauteng only)
  11. Price- R14700 Vat Incl.

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Jura F9

The Jura F9 is the latest addition to the medium class in the Jura range. Essentially the upmarket brother to the F8, the F9 includes a wider variety of selections (14) as well as true one touch operation for making milk based coffees. )Cappuccino, Latte as well as Flat White Coffee (a first for automatic machines) Jura F9           Features:

  1. 14 pre programmed selections
  2. TFT Colour screen with on screen instructions
  3. Aroma+ high speed grinder
  4. Jura Fine Foam technology
  5. One touch cappuccino/latte/flat white
  6. 1.9l water tank
  7. 310g Bean hopper
  8. National service network
  9. 10 000 cup warranty
  10. 5kg Coffee beans, free delivery (Countrywide)
  11. Free installation and training(Gauteng only)

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Jura XF50 (Professional)

The Jura XF 50 is the entry model into the Jura Professional range. It has the ability to connect to a payment system via the MDB interface.  Simple to operate and easy to maintain the XF 50 is ideal for a the small to medium sized office, boardroom or guest house.   Jura xf50            

  1. Variable Brewing Chamber(8-16g)
  2. Energy Saving Mode
  3. 15 Bar Pump
  4. Integrated Rinsing, Cleaning and descaling programs
  5. 7 Beverage Selections
  6. 4 Coffee Strengths
  7. 2 Temperature settings
  8. Professional Fine foam milk frother
  9. 30 Cup Daily rating
  10. 3.2 Litre Water Tank
  11. 320g Bean Hopper

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Jura XS9

The XS9 is the ideal machine for use in a home full of coffee drinker or for a medium sized office, showroom, boardroom, training areas etc. It has a massive water tank, waste bin and a large bean hopper that makes it ideal for busy areas.


  1. One touch operation for cappuccinos and all other coffees.
  2. Variable size brew unit (5-16g)
  3. Can make two black drinks at once
  4. 5.7 litre water tank
  5. Waste drawer for 40-60 portions
  6. Extended Bean hopper (Optional Accessory but included in our price) – 730g
  7. Purchase from Heavenly Coffees include the following
  1. Free countrywide delivery
  2. 5kg Coffee Beans
  3. Extended Hopper
  4. Free Installation and training on site (Gauteng Only)
  1. Price – R25308.00

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Jura XJ9

The Jura XJ9 is the ultimate in medium sized coffee machines.

Stylish looks, large capacity water tank and bean hopper, TFT display, user friendly interface, true one touch operation,high speed, and multiple selections and full programmability make this machine the perfect choice for board rooms, staff refreshment areas, discerning home owners and even small coffee shops.

  1. 4 Litre Water Tank
  2. 500g Bean Hopper
  3. 5 different coffee strengths
  4. 3 Temperature levels
  5. Auto Cleaning functions
  6. Waste basket for 40 portions
  7. High Speed operation (180 ml Cappuccino in 1 min 20s, 2 Espressos in 40 s)
  8. Optional waste disposal kit (dumps waste into bin below counter)

Additional Benefits when buying from Heavenly Coffees

  1. Free Delivery Countrywide
  2. Free on-site installation and training (Gauteng)
  3. Lifetime telephonic assistance
  4. 5kg of Beans included for free (Value R1000)
  5. 1 Litre of Cappuccino cleaner and 1 packet of 6 cleaning tablets