Jura Giga X8

The GIGA X8 is the most advanced model in their flagship GIGA range.

It’s all inside the new GIGA X8: Two high-performance ceramic disc grinders guarantee reliable grinding results for many years which are sure to be precise, consistent and even. A top innovation provides that extra special something: A.G.A.© (Automatic Grinder Adjustment) – the electronically controlled automatic readjustment system. 

This machine can handle upto 6000 cups per month making ideal for any high volume application such as corporate offices, function venues etc.

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The GIGA X8 is packed with technology.

  1. Two Ceramic grinder burrs
  2. Automatic Grinder adjustment
  3. Speed function for quick beverage preparation
  4. A la carte bean selection
  5. Wireless ready
  6. Built in smart Connect
  7. Two pumps
  8. Two thermal block heaters
  9. Touch Screen operation
  10. Pulse extraction process for optimal flavour
  11. Intelligent Water System – Monitors water filter presence and replacement time
  12. Bean Monitoring
  13. Cup Lighting
  14. Intelligent pre-brew aroma system

Specifications Summarised:

  1. 2 x650g Bean Hopper
  2. 5 Litre Water Tank
  3. 32 Programmable selections
  4. 3 Programmable Brewing temperature settings
  5. 10 Coffee Strength levels
  6. Adjustable milk and milk foam temperature
  7. Waste tray for 40 servings
  8. Optional Fresh water connection
  9. Optional waste disposal kit
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