There are many stories about coffee, some true, some not and other we are not sure. Read and decide for yourself!

Kaldi and the goats.

I am sure you have by now all heard the story of how the young goat herder, Kaldi, discovered coffee in Ethiopia when his goats seemed abnormally frisky after eating these red berries. This got young Kaldi very excited and well as they say the rest is history! What remains unclear is when people starting roasting coffee and how they discovered the marvellous brew that can be made with roasted coffee beans.

Coffee and the Pope.

Around 1600 the Pope of the Roman Catholic church was Pope Clement VIII. At this time coffee was very popular with the Muslims and was consumed to keep them awake during their prayer sessions. The popularity of coffee with them Muslims caused many to consider it a drink from the devil. Allegedly the Pope was asked to ban coffee but when he tasted it he declared that “something this good could not possibly come from the devil”

The King and Coffee:

In the late 1600’s coffee houses were popular gathering places. Many political discussions happened around the tables in these venues. All these talks made old King Charles II a little nervous. Like most rulers he was probably up to no good and was worried what his fellow countryman were cooking up over a cup of coffee. Like a true ruler and politician he thought the fix for his concerns must be to ban the coffee houses. So in 29 December 1675 King Charles II isued a proclamation banning coffee houses. Apparently this caused such an uproar that the King had to do a quick turnaround and had to recall his proclamation. Serves him right, the fool, what was he thinking anyway!