What is happening with coffee prices & availability?

You may well have noticed that coffee prices have recently gone up significantly. Second to that you may also have noticed that your favourite coffee is out of stock, wherever you are buying from. Having a hard time finding decaf coffee?

The world of coffee is absolute turmoil at the moment. Coffee prices are being driven up by stock shortages across the world caused by a variety of factors. The first major upset was caused by drought and frost in Brazil destroying about ⅓ of coffee plantations. As Brazil is the world's largest producer of coffee these events had a massive impact on all coffee prices.

Shortages of coffee has further been exacerbated by shortages of shipping containers at the countries of origin, unreliable shipping schedules, civil unrest(Ethiopia), lower coffee production in several countries and panic buying by many coffee roasters.

The demand for decaf coffee continues to outstrip supply resulting in worldwide shortages of decaf. Recently there was no decaf coffee available anywhere in South-Africa and at the moment we are very limited in our choice of decaf coffees.

So next time you are wondering why your favourite beverage is much more costly than before, or why your local roaster does not have your favourite coffee in stock, you will know why.

Please bear with your coffee supplier in these trying times as they are all trying to manage the situation to the best of their abilities within the constraints facing them.

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