Heavenly Coffee Trading (Pty)Ltd is an artisan coffee roaster and coffee equipment specialist.

We offer a wide range of coffees including some single origins, blends and normally some speciality coffees.
All our coffees are roasted fresh within the last 14 days at all times.
This ensures that our customers get the freshest possible coffee.
We believe in supplying only the highest quality.

Coffee Equipment
We offer a vast range of coffee equipment for sale.
Anything from hand grinders, milk frothing jugs, tampers etc to Syphons,
Plungers, Pour-overs, Chemex brewers and so on.

Coffee Machines

1. Traditional Home Machines

  • Single Boilers - We supply the Rancilio Silvia Espresso machine
  • Heat Exchanger/Double Boiler - We supply the Nuova Simonelli Oscar machine

2. Traditonal Commercial Machines

  • We supply the Rancilio range of commercial machines as well as
    most other makes of Espresso machines including Wega, Expobar and La Marzocco

3. Automatic Machines

  • Jura - we supply the entire range of Jura Automatic Machines.
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